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FluxFM – The Alternative in Radio

In the short period of seven years, FluxFM (formerly MotorFM) has established itself as Germany’s most innovative radio station, transforming the medium radio from broadcasting to communicasting in the internet age.

FluxFM - Die Alternative im Radio

The Vision:

Radio. Music Competence. Online. Event.

The world is digital. More diverse, better-connected, faster, but also more and more confusing.

FluxFM is part of the process but also a part of the solution. FluxFM is a stylish guide and display for the digital world. Web 2.0 to the bone.

FluxFM is radio, online media, community and host. An urban network and a vital part of urban culture.

FluxFM is the network and stage for the various activities and scenes of the cities in which the station broadcasts (currently Berlin, Stuttgart, Bremen).

The FluxFM Program

Pop Culture. Online Culture. Urban Culture. This is our main editorial focus on the FM frequencies. As part of a international radio alliance (XFM, London and Indie103.1, Los Angeles, Tokyo FM) FluxFM presents pop culture news from the planet’s hotspots.

And: FluxFM focuses on new music and sounds, always looking out for the new and exciting. The worldwide online stream focuses exclusively on new music, catering to the needs and expectations of a worldwide listenership on the lookout for new music.

FluxFM is different, providing an alternative to existing radio stations and platforms. The entire team breathes music and loves being a part of urban culture.

The FluxFM music format is unique in Germany. FluxFM presents the music that packs the clubs, the music people dance to at live shows and listen to on their iPods.

FluxFM in short

Who listenes to FluxFM: Music lovers. Trendsetters. Opinion leaders.

+++ Music: Indie, Alternative, Punk, Electro (New picks > 40%)‏
+++ Editorial: pop culture, politics, urban culture, media, online
+++ Listeners: music lovers and trendsetters
+++ Website archiv.fluxfm.de features various live streams
+++ Reach: Berlin up to 176,000 listeners per day. Within two weeks FluxFM reaches 449,000 people (every 10th Berliner)

Source: Media Analysis 2011 Radio II: Bremen/Stuttgart 120,000 listeners

FluxFM has the highest affinity (204) for the opinion-leading „sinus-milieu“ of the „modern performer“ in Berlin:

+++ 50% of the people who listen are between 16 und 29
+++ 36% make an average of € 2,500/month or more
+++ (Source: MA 2008 Radio I / VuMa 2008 II‏)
+++ Over 84% are participants in online culture
+++ 94% own a mobile phone.
+++ 38% eat out in restaurants regularly and are frequent visitors to bars and clubs. 24% of them several times per week
+++ 76% have a drivers license
+++ 76% travelled overseas in the last 24 months and 52% travelled at least once in the last 12 months

Source: Media Analysis 2008 Radio

The FluxFM History

Seven years ago a group of like-minded individuals came together to combat the scourge of bland Top 40 radio and founded MotorFM based in Berlin. It was a very personal thing for the upstart broadcaster. In the beginning MotorFM was solely a platform for new music. There was nothing comparable to it in Germany.

Defying the prevalent scepticism of a crisis-ridden music industry at the time, Markus Kühn, former musician and marketing manager for ZDF/Universal and Mona Rübsamen, the former head of MTV Germany, set up a discerning station offering its listeners a steady supply of the best music around – from the latest indie rock to classy electronica. Roughly 45 percent of what the station plays is new music.

In August 2011 the station renamed itself FluxFM, a more suitable name for the station’s new strategy of communicasting, combining the analog media world with the digital world, embracing the international network and fostering the dialog with the listeners/users.

The Facts /The Goal/ Online Strategy

The station broadcasts over the airwaves in Berlin, Stuttgart ad Bremen, FluxFM attracts over 50,000 listeners each day to its online live stream, the Internet being a crucial component of the station’s core positioning. It has been solidifying its position as a broadcasting force to be reckoned with even beyond the music world. The radio network has become a platform and the web site a network for creative industries/activists from fashion to film, literature and design.

The goal today: If mainstream music in FM Radio is a modern-day plague then FluxFM would like to be the cure. In addition to the three FM frequencies currently reaching 10 million listeners, FluxFM strives to develop its online reach providing an online player for music lovers beyond terrestrial distribution nation- and worldwide offering:

+++ choice between all streams of the station
+++ integration of iTunes and Amazon
+++ direct links to Facebook and Twitter
+++ streamable on iPhones and other Smartphones (without App)

The listener can search through the playlists comfortably (date, region), can delve into statistics and search for videos of songs. Viewers can tune into FluxTV to watch both established and unknown acts.

FluxFM has also embraced sponsorship and brand partnerships, just like MTV used to do it in the good old days, as a way to help fund the innovative format.

In its short existence, FluxFM has managed to build up a respectable listener base. Around 180,000 Berliners alone tune into the station daily, according to the Media Analysis study, by the non-profit group ag.ma.

The station is the official media partner for the „Kultur & Kreativpiloten“ („The cultural and creative pioneers“, a contest initiated by the federal government of economics). Supporting creative industries has become a priority for the station as many cities realize they have to do more than simply offer money. The station aims at expanding its audience in Germany by acquiring broadcast licenses in dynamic urban centers like Hamburg and the Ruhr Valley. In five years, FluxFM hopes to have a national reach.

And recognizing Berlin’s cultural clout internationally, FluxFM has an English-language radio show every Tuesday, from 10 pm until midnight. Mixing talk with music, the Irish and American hosts might have a new band from London on one night and an underground comic the next.




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  1. D.

    09. Dezember 2013 um 13.48 Uhr

    ich höre euch jetzt schon seit vier Jahren, immer eine super musikauswahl, man merkt das ihr immer eurem guten Musikgeschmack vertraut, und hoffentlich trotzdem am ende des monats ein plus auf dem konto habt.

  2. Frank Lachmann

    18. November 2013 um 15.04 Uhr

    Hallo Jakob,

    http://archiv.fluxfm.de/rubriken/neustart-makerist-deine-handarbeitsschule-im-internet/ – bittesehr.

    ~ die Onlineredaktion

  3. Jakob

    18. November 2013 um 14.59 Uhr

    Hallo liebes Team,
    Ich habe heute früh bei fluxfm stuttgart etwas über eine Homepage mit Schnittmustern und so gehört…
    Würde mir das gerne genauer anschauen, hab den Namen der Seite aber leider vergessen.
    Wäre sehr erfreut über eure Info!!


  4. Annegret Müller

    28. Juni 2013 um 23.24 Uhr

    An dieser Stelle möchte ich erwähnen das FluxFm mit Abstand die coolsten Moderatoren hat. An dieser Stelle fetten Dank aAxel,Simon und Allen hier nicht erwähnten!!!

  5. Annegret Müller

    28. Juni 2013 um 23.05 Uhr

    Bin seit 3 Jahren ein großer Fan und nach
    wie vor begeistert !!! :-D

  6. Filipe Machado

    22. Juni 2012 um 00.24 Uhr

    Can you please point me an email adress for sending press related info from our label Badmood Recordings?


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