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By Jakob |

Cash Savage & The Last Drinks
10. Juni 2019, Einlass: 19:30 Uhr; Beginn: 20:30 Uhr
Info, Links, Tickets: Trinity Music

Of course, it’s just a thought. And this is just a song. But the music Cash Savage is making is informed by real life — her own, and those of the people for whom violence, or the threat of violence, is inescapably real. The human beings who are called minorities and treated as though their lives matter less than others. The women and children on whom domestic violence is enacted, and those in the LGBTIQ+ community for whom violence is an implied or overt threat behind the rhetoric of „family values“ and „good citizens“. The album opens with Human, I am, ringing out with a phrase that resonates in the #NotAllMen era: „It’s okay, you’re not one of them“; a disclaimer that many minorities feel they need to use when articulating the oppression they experience.


Was war der letzte Drink den ihr zu euch genommen habt? Verratet es uns in den Kommentaren und nehmt somit an der Verlosung teil. Die Kommentare werden moderiert, es kann also einen wenig dauern bis eure Antwort im Kommentarbereich auftaucht. Wir benachrichtigen die Gewinner*innen per Mail.

Viel Glück!

[Update: Alles verlost, danke fürs Mitmachen!]


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