Foto: Stillpoint Spaces Berlin
Foto: Stillpoint Spaces Berlin

Stillpoint Spaces | Off The Record

▷ Letzte Änderung: 2017-04-11
By Sophie [FluxFM] |
On Air:
11th of April 2017, 10pm

The Off The Record-Team has invited Jakob Lusensky to the FluxFM studios this time. Jakob who? find out more about him:


Jakob Lusensky, Director of Stillpoint Spaces Berlin

Mission / Passion?

Bringing psychoanalyis out on the street.
Stillpoint Spaces invites individuals from all walk of life to explore psychology in depth, inside and outside the consulting room.

Why are you here?

To discuss the space Stillpoint Spaces in Berlin which offering is twofold. It offers people seeking help a safe way to access a counselor or psychoanalyst in their language. In addition to that, in Stillpoints Laboratory we’re offering events, workshops, lectures and other experiments in the intersection of psychology and the Arts.

Where can we see/meet you next?

Wednesday 12th of April at 20.00 there will be a meetup on the topic of „Perfectionism“ at Stillpoint’s Lab at Hobrechtstrasse 66 in Neukölln. Come and explore what ist he psychology behind this phenomena and share your own insights.
Thursday 13th of April at 18.30 there is An introduction to Jungian psychology in the same space.

Something else we should know about you?

No previous experience in psychology is needed to join the workshops and events.
Stillpoint Berlin (Hobrechtstraße 66, 12047 Berlin) is a part of an international network of space in London, Zurich and soon also in Paris.

Foto: Stillpoint Spaces Berlin


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