The Riptide Movement am 4. November 2015 im Musik & Frieden

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By Raoul [FluxFM] |

The Riptide Movement
4. November 2015, 20:00 Uhr
Info, Links, Tickets: Trinity Music

If there were awards for resolutely sticking to your guns, The Riptide Movement’s mantelpiece would be straining under the weight of all the silverware. As Ireland’s newest musical export – but one that has paid its dues over the past eight years in their homeland with three albums under their belt – they have forged themselves a fanbase and career from their own grit and determination. So it’s no wonder that they boast the kind of working-man, rabble-rousing, blue-collar rock ‘n’ roll that should see them become the Emerald Isle’s answer to The Gaslight Anthem, Augustines and Frank Turner.

“We’ve never, ever taken ‘no’ for an answer,” says singer and guitarist Mal Tuohy. “If there’s something we want to do or achieve, we just sit down and say, ‘How are we going to make it happen?’ And it happens. I think that positivity and ‘If we all pull together…’ spirit comes through in our music too.” It most certainly does. Mal is outlining the DIY philosophy – “Some would call it sheer bloody-mindedness!” he laughs – which led The Riptide Movement to blow the Irish music scene wide open in 2014 with their Number One album Getting Through and string of Top 10 singles. Their spectacular success in Ireland came off the back of them taking opportunities wherever they could to get their music heard; gigging their way from Dublin to Delhi with a stop-off in Pilton to slay the Glastonbury masses; taking to the UK airwaves with all 50 of the BBC Concert Orchestra and supporting The Rolling Stones at their Hyde Park homecoming.


Die Jungs von The Riptide Movement stehen auf DIY-Philosophie – auch wenn sie einräumen, dass das manchmal ganz schön nach hinten losgehen kann. FluxFM verlost Tickets unter allen, die uns im Kommentarbereich erzählen, was für Erfahrungen ihr mit Do It Yourself gesammelt habt. Mit ein wenig Glück steht dann euer Name auf der Gästeliste. Wir benachrichtigen die Gewinner per Mail (Bitte kurz antworten).

[Update: Alles verlost, danke fürs Mitmachen!]


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