(C) Jovana Popic (Bildausschnitt)
(C) Jovana Popic (Bildausschnitt)

Jovana Popic | Radio Arty

▷ Letzte Änderung: 2016-12-22
By Raoul [FluxFM] |
Im Radio:
22. Dezember 2016, 19 Uhr

Radio Arty Logo Diese Woche ist die Multimedia-Künstlerin Jovana Popic zu Gast bei Radio Arty.



Jovana Popic

How do you / others describe your art?

Media: Objects, photography, sound, drawinggs. Often as a part of multimedia space installations.

My primary interest as an artist is to create space within an artwork, which lends a unique, archetypal, specific territory that provides a foundation for reflecting on universal phenomena, such as identity in connection to a place, production and relativity of knowledge, decomposition of language, the void of human presence and decay of space. My artifacts originate from the traces I find—traces of place, of memory, of ideas and of time, traces of a culturally shaped life story that together comprise something of universal recognition, meaning and value. My works are grounded on a modus operandi that occupies different positions in different moments. My installations are heterotopias; they are based on navigation across a universe of signs and meanings, and inhabit spaces in between, rather than occupying any single place.

What is your motor?

I strongly believe that art is a medium for dealing with those issues within a society, which cannot be addressed through political or social dialogue. Art should provide a space for the production of individual and collective insights, relative to the canonized worldviews and governing social and individual contexts.

When/ where/ what will you exhibit next time?

What Do You Want To Forget? – 24.01.2017 in Zagreb

Photographical works at Mia photo art fair in Milan in March 2017 – as a part of Codice Mia Award 2016 for the best portfolio

What Do You Want To Forget? – June 2017 on Art Basel as a part of Future Audio Artist Program Award from Sennheiser

Your art insider tip?

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