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„LIGTHART’s COMEBACK“ & „Selfie“ | Radio Arty

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By Sophie [FluxFM] |
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23. Juli 2015, 19 Uhr
27. Juli 2015, 24 Uhr

Radio Arty Logo Diese Woche sind Ekaterina Mitichkina und Theo Ligthart Gäste bei Radio Arty. Ekaterina hat die Ausstellung Selfie für unseren Kunstraum SCHAU FENSTER zusammengestellt. Theo Ligthart bereitet seine Rückkehr in die Kunst vor.


Theo Ligthart is a Dutch artist, director, writer and entrepreneur based in Berlin.
Ligthart studied philosophy and art history. At the beginning of his career, in the early ’90s, he directed short and experimental films and videos. Since then, he also publishes regularly books and essays on cultural theory and aesthetics. In the late 90s his work reinforced the use of, often video-based, conceptual installations. Since 2008 Ligthart operates the project Das Korn. It is based on the idea…

Crowdfunding + Crowdsourcing = Art
Be an artist. Join the crowd.

I need your help to re-invent myself as an artist. After years of corrupting myself, I cannot trust my own artistic integrity any longer. Therefore I want to pay the creative community at Jovoto, a crowdsourcing platform for creative tasks, to create my upcoming exhibition and restore my artistic credibility.

1. Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is set up to finance the cost of a following crowdsourcing campaign.

2. Jovoto crowdsourcing campaign – according to a detailed briefing the global creative online community of jovoto will submit artworks.

3. An advisory board selects submitted artworks for my upcoming exhibition “LIGTHART’s COMEBACK”

4. When a collector buys an artwork, the artist will appropriate it by signing.

5. Official artist of the exhibition LIGTHART’s COMEBACK is a backer of my kickstarter campaign. Whoever purchases “Your Fast Track To Fame” package will become the official artist of LIGTHART’s COMEBACK at Georg Kargl Fine Arts opening on September 10, 2015.

Opening 10. September 2015

Georg Kargl Fine Arts Vienna – Permanent
Schleifmühlgasse 5
1040 Wien



Eröffnung: 24. Juli 2015 – 19h
15-17 Uhr
Schau Fenster
Lobeckstr 30-35
10969 Berlin


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