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By Konstantin [FluxFM] |
On Air:
2nd of May 2017, 10pm

This week on Off The Record: The team from BERLIN RISOFEST!.
RISOFEST BERLIN is the first event to bring together the city’s top Risograph printers, artists and studios, in a day of exhibitions, workshops, performances, booklaunches and parties at Urban Spree.


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Mission / Passion?

The Berlin Risofest is the first event to bring together the city’s top Risograph printers, artists and studios, in a day of exhibitions, workshops, performances, booklaunches, DJs and live music.


The Risograph printer is at the forefront of a new creative revolution. Artists and designers all over the world are using this stencil duplicator to spark a DIY renaissance in analogue printing. As a printing method, Riso sits somewhere on the spectrum between screen print and offset lithography, but what sets it apart is the unique aesthetic and highly tactile finish of the prints.

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A showcase of the work of:

Blink Blink
Drucken 3000
Die Brueder/Lucky Punch Press
Inkwell Press
Outer Space Press
Pogo Books
Riso Club Leipzig
We Make It

– a Riso-printed wallpaper installation curated by Bogoni Design Studio, with guest artist Bene Rohlmann and more TBH
– the launch of the English-language version of the book RISOMANIA, a Vetro Editions project, published by Niggli Verlag
– live mimeograph printing/reading by poet Martin Jackson, among many other things the author of what may be the only poem ever written about the Riso
– DJ sets from Stella Zakri and DJ Die Soon, and a live performance from Infinite Livez.
– Finally, we are delighted to announce that BERLIN RISOFEST will be hosting a charity auction to raise funds for the wonderful SOURCE project, which aims to help refugees find employment in the restaurant industry:


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